Articles - Drones in the hands of Terrorists and Criminal Organizations

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London's Gatwick Airport shut for over 17 hours in unprecedented drone attack By Sheena McKenzie and Gianluca Mezzofiore, CNN 12/21/2018
The United Kingdom's second-biggest airport has been closed on one of the year's busiest days for travel after drone sightings, which police have described as a "deliberate act.
Drone shatters passenger jet’s nosecone radar during landing
RT News | Published time: 13 Dec, 2018 22:42 | Edited time: 14 Dec, 2018 17:58
A drone has collided with a passenger airplane in Mexico, mauling its nosecone and radome as the jet was attempting to land in Tijuana, Mexico. The crew had to request assistance to land the crippled aircraft.
How was the secret G20: spies, drones, hackers and terrorist alerts | Política | Nicolás Wiñazki | Cumbre Del G20 | 01/12/2018 - 21:29
For two years, 54 security agencies from the participating countries worked together to defuse possible threats.
CHILLING THREAT ISIS vows Eiffel Tower drone attack.
The Sun News UK | By Matthew Acton and Debbie White | 17th October 2018, 1:32 pm | Updated: 17th October 2018, 2:42 pm
An ISIS-media affiliated group has publicised a poster depecting a drone attack upon the Paris landmark.
Fox News: Drones may be terrorists' next tool of choice, as FBI's Wray warns of 'escalating threat'
Fox News | By Louis Casiano | Fox News | MILITARY | Published October 11, 2018
The potential use of civilian drones by terrorists and other criminal groups to carry out attacks poses a “steadily escalating threat,” FBI Director Christopher Wray warned a Senate panel Wednesday.
C-net News: Government authorities can now shoot down privately owned drones
Fox News | by Lynn La | October 5, 2018 3:15 PM PDT
The potential use of civilian drones by terrorists and other criminal groups to carry out attacks poses a “steadily escalating threat,” FBI Director Christopher Wray warned a Senate panel Wednesday.
Vox Venezuela: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro survived alleged drone attack in Caracas on Saturday 4 August 2018. Venezuela | Published 04 August 2018
Maduro on Saturday evening was addressing the crowd at a military parade celebrating the 81st anniversary of the National Guard when a flying device approached and exploded, according to Venezuelan officials.
Breitbart/Texas: Mexican Cartel Crashes Drone IED into Home of Border State Security Chief
Breitbart/ | Published July 11, 2018
Cartel gunmen are suspected of crashing a drone outfitted with grenades into the home of the Secretary of Public Safety of Baja California. The official was on his way to meet with U.S. consular authorities at the time of the attack.


Fox News: IED Attached to Drone in Mexico Could Show Evolution of Drug Cartel Tactics | Published October 25th, 2017
The recent arrest in Mexico of four men carrying a drone equipped with an improvised explosive device "ready to be detonated" has stoked fears drug cartels could soon target the U.S. with bombs from above.
Crux Now: Pope’s top aide calls ISIS threats to Rome ‘worrying’
CRUX Now | Inés San Martín | ROME BUREAU CHIEF | Aug 26, 2017
ROME - Pope Francis's top aide acknowledged Saturday that given a recently published video from ISIS threatening Rome and calling on lone wolves to drive cars into the crowds around the Vatican, 'one cannot avoid worrying'.
Catholic Herald: ISIS threatens Pope Francis and Catholic Church in new video
Catholic Herald | by Staff Reporter | Friday, 25 Aug 2017
ISIS has released a video showing its fighters ripping up photographs of Pope Francis and threating to come to Rome.
Checkpoint (The Washington Post): ISIS drones are attacking U.S. troops and disrupting airstrikes in Raqqa, officials say | Published June 14, 2017
Islamic State drones are attacking U.S. Special Operations forces located around the group’s de-facto capital of Raqqa in Syria, U.S. officials and Syrian fighters said, sometimes disrupting the ability of American troops to call in airstrikes.
Fox News: Suspected North Korea drone spied on US missile defense site, South Korea says | Published June 13, 2017
North Korea is accused of spying on a U.S. missile defense shield after South Korean officials discovered a drone with a camera attached near the border last week, South Korean military said.
Fox News: Terrorist drone threat: US unprepared for growing danger, experts say | Published April 06, 2017
The emergence of terrorist drones flown by ISIS in Iraq has fueled interest in drone‐defense technology – while raising questions about whether the U.S. is ready for potential drone terrorist attacks on the homeland.
Drug ring 'used drones to counter police' before $30m haul seized in Melbourne
ABC.Net.AU | Updated Fri 30 Jun 2017, 12:58am
An international drug syndicate used drones to conduct counter-surveillance on police before seven members were arrested in Melbourne over a $30 million shipment of cocaine from Panama, authorities say.
Fox News: How ISIS is turning commercial drones into weapons in the battle for Mosul | January 25, 2017
Elite Iraqi units clearing Mosul from Islamic State occupation face aerial bombardment from modified ISIS drones every day.