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A Regional Company With World Class Security Solutions For Transportation Companies!


Phoenix Group® is a licensed security company in the Republic of Panama — with international operations and capabilities and more than 20 years experience in maritime security, airport security, training, intelligence/investigations, and supply chain security. Phoenix Group® provides world class security to today's transportation companies. This includes the prevention of piracy, stowaways, terrorism, narcotics smuggling, and other unique services. Phoenix Group® consists of several companies, most prominently Phoenix Group Panama S.A., Professional K-9 Services, and Operations Support Services. Collectively Phoenix Group® provides a wide assortment of services necessary in today's difficult security environment.

About Phoenix Group

Phoenix Group® World Class Security Solutions

A World-Class Security Company licensed and registered in the Republic of Panama and Republic of Costa Rica — with international operations and capabilities and more than 20 years experience in maritime security, airport security, training, intelligence / investigations, and....
COVID Medical Gowns and Face Masks

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Surgical Gowns / Masks

PHOENIX Group® through its international security business relationships and a partnership with Protekcia® is providing surgical gowns and face masks for medical personnel, first responders, and others who need protection during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic...
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MESMER® D13 Counter-drone System

Department 13 Expands Global Reach Appoints Phoenix Group® as Latin America Distributor - MESMER® uses novel methods to enable the detection and mitigation of radio controlled devices (e.g. drones or unmanned vehicles). In contrast to other systems, MESMER® does not employ...
About Phoenix Group

Phoenix Technical Services & Sales Division

It is on the news! Critical technology infrastructure, military bases, public buildings, stadiums, power stations, offshore oil/gas platforms and political leaders are all vulnerable to Ransomware & Hacking and Drone attacks. These threats are real and should not be under-estimated....
Community and Employee Relations

Community Assistance / Employee Relations

Phoenix Group® recognizes our moral and ethical obligation to help the less fortunate of our community. It is a blessing and heartwarming experience to assist these families in extreme need and bring smiles to the faces of appreciative children and the elderly. Employees are our greatest Asset.
Maritime Security An Introduction

Maritime Security An Introduction 2nd Edition

Maritime Security An Introduction, Second Edition by Michael A. McNicholas, Managing Director of Phoenix Group®, has been involved extensively in a variety of security roles throughout his career on the governmental, military and private sector...