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Phoenix Group - A Regional Company With Global Security Solutions!
Security Consulting / Security Assessments
Phoenix will deploy a highly-experienced Consultant to assess the threats and vulnerabilities to a facility, terminal, or ship, evaluate the effectiveness of the current security configuration and program and make practical recommendations to mitigate the risks and improve the overall security.
Terminal Security Operations
We perform and manage all aspects of terminal security with highly trained, armed, uniformed and radio equipped positions.
Vessel Security Operations (VST)
We provide ISPS Code and C-TPAT compliant service to clients. Uniformed, fully equipped, and well supervised teams are deployed that control the gangway, deck, and waterside of a vessel while in port. These teams can be supplemented by judicious use of K-9 assets. We also provide specially trained teams that travel/live onboard vessels.
K-9 Operations
Based in Panama and Costa Rica, Phoenix's K-9 program is certified to USPCA standards and adheres to United States Customs Service K-9 standards. K-9 units can be deployed at Seaports and Airports in Central America and the Caribbean.
Airport Operations
We provide aircraft, cargo, warehouse inspections and operations including bonded facility protection. K-9 assets are often used to complement these activities.
Intelligence Operations and Investigations
We provide intelligence and information collection and analytical support to corporate and government clients with special emphasis on narcotics smuggling, arms trafficking, terrorism, hijacking, sabotage, and executive personnel security. We also perform discreet investigations following incidents to include drug seizures, targeting by criminal entities, kidnapping, assassination, etc. We provide multi-country coverage and have a proven, successful track record.
Security Officer Training
Training programs are available for Seaport and Vessel security, C-TPAT, SCIA, ACIA, BASC, Terrorism Awareness, Anti-Narcotics Operations, Seafarers Training, Documentation Analysis, VIP Protective Detail Operations, and Executive Personnel Security.
Maritime Security Teams (MST)
The MST Teams provide a "non-local" professional security team which provides all security functions while at sea and in ports. In high threat ports, frequently local security may be corrupt or subject to threats and intimidation. The MST Team is an alternative when local security is not effective and there is a desire for standardized, consistent security procedures, documentation, and policies in all ports in the trade route.