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2020-2021 Holiday Activity to Support the Less Fortunate in
Colón, Panamá and Caracas, Venezuela.
"Home Building Program"

Sharing our annual note of holiday activity to support the less fortunate in Colón, Panamá and Caracas, Venezuela. Covid quarantines/curfews have severely impacted the lives of so many in Central and South America, as over 30% of the population are “day workers” and live-off of what they earn daily. So with quarantines, no work those days means no food on the family table for those days.

Due to Covid restrictions, we were not able to host our annual “Three Kings Day” parties at the Salvation Army’s Girls orphanage in Colón or the small churches in remote areas of the Province. This was truly unfortunate for the children who look forward to this event each year, as well as for our staff and I who really enjoy participating and seeing the smiles of the kids. Since we were not able to hold the annual parties, we decided to expand our “Home Building Program" and identified 5 families in extreme need of housing assistance. Prior to Christmas, we were able to build and present the door keys to 2 of these families. The other 3 homes begin construction after Christmas. A big thanks to our Phoenix Group staff for their hard work in organizing and executing these very important Community Support projects.