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2020 Fiestas de la "Dia de Los Tres Reyes"
(Three Kings Day)
Salvation Army’s Girls Orphanage in Sabanitas, Colón, Panamá
School in San Juan, Panamá

This year we held our annual ‘Three Kings Day’ celebrations over the past few days and were fortunate to have had lots of smiling kids in attendance. The first party was held in San Juan (about halfway between the Pacific and Atlantic coasts), at a school that has a high percentage of poor families. As in past years, the second party was held at the Salvation Army’s Girls Orphanage in Sabanitas, Colón, Panamá, which also invited some poor families from neighboring areas. Our great Admin Staff and Leadership in Colon coordinated all activities and vendors and sourced /wrapped the gifts, as well managed the parties. They did a wonderful job and the kids had a blast enjoying the “brinca brinca”, games, music and dancing, popcorn and cotton candy, smashing the pinatas, lunch, and Christmas gifts. Hats off to Adriana and her amazing team of volunteers