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2019 Fiestas de la "Dia de Los Tres Reyes"
(Three Kings Day)
Under-nourished Kids & Home for Disabled Elderly (mute, deaf, etc.) Caracas, Venezuela

This year we expanded our monthly food, clothing, and urgent supply assistance to under-nourished kids in Caracas, Venezuela and to a home for disabled elderly (mute, deaf, etc.) which is operated by an order of Sisters at a small beautiful chapel outside of Caracas. A Three Kings Day party was held on Sunday at the home for the elderly. While some of this monthly effort in Venezuela is executed jointly with the “Mother Teresa Project,” all are coordinated and made possible each month by the incredible efforts of a wonderful lady (Adriana Flores) that I met via a work project. Adriana uses her own time and resources to make this assistance a reality and touch the truly needy. Hats off to her!!!