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2019 Fiestas de la "Dia de Los Tres Reyes"
(Three Kings Day)
Aldea SOS & Salvation Army’s Sabanitas Girls Orphanage | Colón, Panamá

This year we held out annual “Three Kings Day” celebrations at two orphanages in Colón, Panamá. The first was at Aldea SOS, which houses and cares for some 30 children, most with some type of physically or mentally challenger (downs, bone disease, etc.), and the following day at the Salvation Army’s Sabanitas Girls Orphanage, which invited some poor families from neighboring areas. As in past years, one of our Security Supervisors played the role of the clown and all activities (sourcing and wrapping gifts, procuring food, pinata stuffing, etc.) were conducted/organized by our great Admin Staff and Operations Leadership Team. They did a wonderful job and the kids had a blast enjoying the “brinca brinca”, games, music and dancing, popcorn and cotton candy, smashing the pinatas, lunch, and Christmas gifts. Prior to New Year, we had our annual dinner at the Salvation Army’s house for abandoned elderly and delivered holiday food baskets to 8 poor families in more remote areas.