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Why do you need Spectrum Guard?

You see it on the news almost weekly! A company loses millions of dollars when a competitor steals their sensitive intellectual property. A disgruntled employee leaks classified government secrets to the Press, leading to compromise of national security activities. A corporation is sued for millions because an employee installs a hidden miniature camera in the women’s bathroom and streams the video onto the internet. A traveling CEO is surveilled and security procedures and plans collected for use in his kidnapping. Spectrum Guard is the solution!

Today, Corporations, Governments, and the News Media constantly are targeted by hostile governments and opposition parties, criminal organizations, hackers, and disgruntled employees ("Insider Threats"). Hidden microphones and voice recording devices, covert miniature cameras, unauthorized cell phones, and data collection systems are used to transmit captured sensitive voice, video, and data via radio frequency, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ZigBee communication protocols.

What is Spectrum Guard?


Spectrum Guard is a laptop-size, state-of-the art signal detection, identification and analysis system which is "user friendly" and in a single unit detects, classifies, analyzes, and monitors Radio Frequency (RF), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee voice, video, and data signals and communications devices. Spectrum Guard facilitates the identifying and locating of hostile signals.

Benefits of Spectrum Guard

  • Peace of mind and confidence that business, transportation and housing sites are safe from electronic surveillance and attempts to collect personal and business information or track your location
  • Identity protection
  • Protection against the collection of information of patterns of lifestyle (for use in developing a targeting and vulnerability assessments)
  • GPS tracking protection
  • Protection of sensitive internal and client information
  • Compliance with regulations and corporate or government policies, insurance policies, threat analysis program of employees (insider threats), etc.

Remote Monitoring

The Spectrum Guard can be operated from the same machine or monitored and operated (basic controls) remotely from a tablet, iPad, smart phone or computer through Internet access.


Resource Management 2 (RM2) – is a special laptop with a privileged CTL-SystemWare software which allows, via "Direct Contact" mode, the remote monitoring and full operation of the Spectrum Guard and use of the full range of analytic and investigation tools. The RM2 program in "Multiple Unit View" mode, allows the simultaneous monitoring and operating of up to 10 individual Spectrum Guard units, wherever they are located in the world. Likewise, RM2 also sends alerts via email or text in event that one of the Spectrum Guards detects a new, unrecognized, or hostile signal – so it is not necessary to have a person monitoring the RM2 screen.

CTL|SystemWare Spectrum Guard Training Facility

CTL|SystemWare Basic Equipment Course will familiarize new users with the CTL|SystemWare product line, focused on the Spectrum Guard Portable Spectrum Analyzer and the Resource Manager2 remote monitoring software. This groundwork is reinforced and expanded with hands on exercises to better understand how to detect, identify, analyze, and locate RF, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ZigBee communication threats.


CTL|SystemWare Training Facility provides a balance between classroom instruction, hands-on labs and scenario-based training environments (Office Lobby, Office, Conference Room and a Vehicle Bay area) to provide a dynamic and exciting learning experience.

Phoenix Group® Appointed as Distributor


Phoenix Group® received the CTL|SystemWare Spectrum Guard Exclusive Distributor Agreement for Latin America. We are committed to providing our clients with the latest technology to meet their security challenges.

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