Employee Recognition & Incentive Program

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Phoenix Group strives to promote an environment where employees are happy and proud to be part of the Phoenix Group family, feel appreciated for their hard work and dedication, and are motivated to provide a high quality of service. To attain these goals, we celebrate an "Annual Family-Party", monthly-selection for being "Best of The Best" and "Special Recognition for Exceptional Performance".

"Employee Appreciation"
Annual Family Party 2017
Was held on Sunday, 14 May, at Bala Beach Resort in Maria Chiquita, outside of Colón, Panama. A very large crowd of 416 showed up and we had the whole beach to ourselves. While many officers couldn't come because of being on-entering shift, most sent their families. There were 3 separate meals during the day and the kids had a great time in the water. There was basketball, soccer, and volleyball. The "grab bag" winners were especialy happy. One of the photos is of a lady winning the music system. She is one of three single mothers we have hired in succession to be the "cleaning lady" (from the houses we rebuilt), and then applied for and passed the Security Officer course and now each is a "self-sufficient" head of household supporting their family.
"Employee Appreciation"
Annual Family Party 2016
In July 2016, over 350 Phoenix employees, spouses, and children in Panama attended our annual party, held this year at the Camping Resort Waterpark. This was a wonderful opportunity for the Phoenix family to enjoy the various pools, basketball, play areas, Zumba dance, great food, and conversation with compañeros. A raffle of over $3,000 in flat screen TVs, Samsung tablets, music systems, microwaves, and cooking griddles/crock pots brought lots of cheers. A popular local Zumba dance instructor provided non-stop music and dance. We were especially happy that residents of the Salvation Army's elderly home "Hogar Jackson" and the Orphanage in Sabanitas were able to attend and enjoy the day.
"Employee Appreciation"
Annual Family Party 2015
In November 2015, Phoenix Costa Rica employees, spouses, and children travelled by a contracted bus to Cahuita National Park for our annual party. This national park is a scenic paradise, with a beautiful beach and warm water. Families enjoyed Frisbee, football, swimming, a relaxing walk on the beach, and snacks. Later we had a delicious lunch of fresh, local seafood at a nearby restaurant located on the beach. The day was a great break, an opportunity for families to meet and chat, and enjoyed by all.
"Recognition and Incentive Program"
Being part of a Team, Valued as a Person and Team Member
We recognize, reward, and celebrate employee hard work, dedication, and loyalty thru initiatives such as: Officer of the Month, K-9 Handler of the Month, Supervisor of the Month, Merit Promotions, Special Cash Bonus Awards for Exceptional Action (life-saving, contraband seizure, capture of criminal/unauthorized person, etc.), Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Birthdays. These Initiatives foster family and team cohesiveness, espirit de corps, camaraderie, and the development of a cadre of junior leaders.