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Phoenix Group - A Regional Company With Global Security Solutions!

"The effectiveness of the security in Manzanillo by Phoenix has been 100%. MIT has the most professional and effective security of any port in Latin America".

Keynote speaker, US Customs
Conference, Costa Rica


Respect Earned on the Front Lines!

  • Twenty Plus Years of Success in Maritime Security
  • Six Hundred Plus stowaways captured, Hundreds more deterred
  • 11,000+ kilos of heroin/cocaine seized
  • Two Pirate assaults repelled in armed combat
  • Dozen Pirate boarding attempts deterred
  • Two terrorist attacks mitigated

Security Surveys & Security Threat Assessments, Port Security Design, and/or Security Training in every major port in Latin America and the Caribbean

  • 2,500+ Ship Security Plans evaluated & approved/rejected
  • PFSAs/PFSPs for Rio Haina and AES Dominican Republic

Training of USCG Officers of the “International Port Security Assessment Command”


Academic Advisory Board member of and Lecturer at NATO’s Maritime Security Centre of Excellence (Turkey)


Lectures at Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, US Merchant Marine Academy, DHS Centers of Excellence, ASIS International, Pentagon, DIA, and ODNI/Naval Intelligence


Contractor to the Office of the US Secretary of Defense for maritime security-related issues and projects in Latin America.


Training of DIA Intelligence Officers /Analysts in “Narcotics Smuggling via Commercial Cargo and Vessels”. DoD/DIA Sole Source Contractor.


Member of a five-person Subject Matter Expert team to develop the new (2015) Facility Security Officer Course Instructor Manual and Guidelines (ISPS/MTSA) for US Maritime Administration/ USMMA/US Coast Guard