Vision Statement and Mission Statement

Phoenix Group - A Regional Company With Global Security Solutions!

Phoenix Group is a licensed security company in the Republic of Panama — with international operations and capabilities and more than Twenty years experience in maritime security, airport security, training, intelligence / investigations, and supply chain security.


Vision Statement

Our vision is be the standard bearer of world class security services in the commercial maritime and air cargo transportation industries and be widely acknowledged by our Clients and the industry as the most professional and effective security company in Latin America.


Mission Statement

We are the Protectors and Guardians of our Clients' cargoes, ships, aircraft, terminals, installations, and personnel. Our Mission is ensure the security and authorized access to our Clients' facilities, conveyances, and cargo supply chains and identify and mitigate threats and acts of piracy, stowaways, unauthorized access and intrusion, drug smuggling, contraband trafficking, theft, and terrorism and ensure and document compliance with applicable international regulations and conventions.